producer   |   DENNIS

A collaboration with Dennis Cooper. Limited-edition booklet and album.

Art by: Amy Sarkisian

Music by: Robert Pollard - Richard Hell - Xiu Xiu - Feller Quentin - Victor Krummenacher - FDS - Jeremy Gloff - Stephen Prina - Perspects - Kennedy - Pig Destroyer - New Wet Kojak - Eddie Ruscha - and a collaborative piece by Peter Rehberg and Dennis Cooper.

“A beautiful package ... the music is refreshingly engaging.”
—Ian MacKay, Fugazi

producer   |   KITESTRINGING   |   iTunes  


Twenty-two tracks, featuring the music of: Propagandhi - Tribe 8

- Jenny Toomey - American Steel - The Weakerthans - The Blank Fight - The Atomiks - White Collar Crime - Young People - The Plus Ones - Low Water - Big in Japan - Jeremy Gloff - The Dishes - ing - The Aislers Set - Chumbawamba - The Smugglers - The Specs - The Rum Diary ... with a spoken word contribution by

Noam Chomsky

Artwork by inmates and Eric Drooker

publisher   |   USER by Blake Nelson

“Blake Nelson portrays the gritty youth culture of KIDS with the dialogue of a David Mamet play. Dark, funny and deadly accurate, User is Nelson’s most boldly successful literary effort.”

—Douglas Rushkoff

publisher   |   GRAND CANYON, INC. by Percival Everett

Grand Canyon, Inc. [is] slight, absurd and consistently funny.”

The Washington Post Book World