“Don Waters locates the decency in the undersung.

He does a brilliant job of showing the small heroic acts that reverberate in the lives of his characters and in the mind of a reader.”

—Amy Hempel

“Waters’s prose captures these characters in both the blinding light and the resulting shadow of this ‘edge of civilized space’ and, in doing so, calls into question what makes us civilized. His uncelebrated loners are in constant motion, navigating sun-soft parking lots and empty highways, teetering between redemption and ruin...”

—Nate Cavalieri, The Believer

“A seriously comic novel about the expense of good intentions in the twenty-first century—a compelling, involving novel that made me laugh out loud.”

—Robert Boswell, author of Tumbledown

Sunland couldn’t be more relevant to the issues of our time, delving into everything from drug smuggling, narcocartels, race relations, healthcare, and immigration. It’s an immersive, tough, funny, and propulsive bildungsroman, beautifully written, evoking the landscapes of Tucson and Sonora and everything in between with scorching authenticity.”

—Don Lee, author of The Collective


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